Monday, February 2, 2009


I have this "thing", passion if you will, for praying. It's an amazing phenomenum. Picture the creator of the entire universe, of the bodies in the heavens right down to the nuclear systems and organic systems that keep us all together on the Earth... picture this Creator, "God", who lets us talk to Him personally. w o w.

If I start from a point where I haven't been praying for a while, I am respectful and distant. But here's that wonderful miracle part-- this God wants to be BFF. Yep, my Best Friend Forever.
I can say anything and think of God as a person since He was a person; and He was a person just for us and our benefit.

So what should I ask for today? I usually start out saying that I'm sorry I do many things that wouldn't be acceptable in His Court in the Universe... I'm kind of scuzzy. But I'm also thankful that He overlooks that because Jesus was perfect! (Very thankful...) You know what I usually do? I usually ask God to be with a long list of people I love. I want them all to FEEL God.

Today... today I think I'll ask for God's direction. I love it when life falls into place easily. Asking for jobs and health is a priority, but besides that, without clear direction I get frustrated. I feel like someone put a bag over my head and I can't figure out what I'm supposed to do! Today I want to specifically ask for Him to show me in my real life that He's really here. (I love that!!)
Well, I've thought about it enough. I'm anxious to make my cup of coffee and have coffee with my Jesus. :)

Now I feel strong enough to live through another day. Thank you Jesus.

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myrna said...

Well, God showed up. He's always on time! I recieved a phone call shortly after my posted blog and I was given very clear direction to an incident in my life. Thank you, Jesus!