Wednesday, April 29, 2009

If I Had A Million Dollars

If I had a million dollars... I'd hire me a maid! It's not that I dislike cleaning; on the contrary, I think it's relaxing and satisfying. I just find it more rewarding to make things, build things, invent things, write things, manage things, embellish things :), create and encourage! I am not an octopus that can write and wash windows at the same time, and I cannot sew and fold laundry at the same time, and I cannot make delicious foods and dust shelves at the same time, and who's going to wipe off light switches and door knobs? ... ugh!

So if you want to gift me with a super great gift-- I'd choose a maid. :D
Until then, please pick up after yourself. Rest assured, I still clean. Slovenliness is disgusting! Tidy is overrated, but cleanliness is next to Godliness. :)

You be You, I'll be Me

I believe we all have the need to feel different, unique. We all experience this feeling the same way, however, and the only way we are truly unique is when we realize this and let that feeling go, so the Holy Spirit can use us for God's purposes. We will then be unique because He uses each person as He designed them. When we "try" to be unique, we are then too much of our own thoughts- the same thoughts as all people by nature- and we lose our uniqueness!

Recently I've been reading a book about Heaven. Heaven is real, as Hell is real, and it's amazing to think how the Earth is a planet, we are on this planet, and God knows each and every one of His believers! Anyway, in Heaven, I want to cook, sew, sing like Selah (it might take 1,000 years of voice lessons), and be a loving manager. Oh, and I'd like to be a potter also. The point is: Am I practicing on Earth, daily, what God will want me to do in Heaven? Oh! Write and draw too! ... I am SO GLAD we'll have an eternity, because there are so many things I want to do for my God!
(I wonder if we played Dominoes with Jesus if He'd always win?)

Today is the perfect day to focus on living for Christ. A perfect day, with so many options in the day!, how can I best use this 24 hours?
... I better start with a prayer... ask for focus... and fully live.

Monday, April 20, 2009

True Love

I believe that Love is a choice, not a feeling. Every day we wake up and we can decide if we will love the person we're with, or turn our feelings toward something/someone else. We can choose to love our children whole-heartedly and unconditionally. We can choose to hold grudges too, but what would that gain us? The same goes for parents, really... we can love or resist.

So when did it get so difficult for people to stay married for 30, 50, 60 years? Do we wake up and decide that there's something more important to us than our family? Is there anything else more valuable than true love? I think not!

There is something that could deter the desire to pursue true love-- perhaps "inconsideration". Are we considerate to remember the other person? Are they understanding our feelings because we carefully and calmly explained ourselves? I think we each need to own up and be responsible to connect and stay connected!

What, in this entire world that God created and Satan destroys, could we possibly love more than the peace that passes all understanding? Besides, since Jesus saved us, we're "family" to God- the creator of the universe. Imagine! What a GREAT family to be devoted to!! I love the thought that I'm a Child of God and HE is always loving me... unconditionally, with consideration, and wholeheartedly. ... And who am I that I shouldn't pass on that same love, daily...