Monday, November 17, 2008


When I stand outside, I don't feel like I'm standing out from the Earth right now, I'm just thankful I'm stuck to it! I have a head cold and it tends to take over all my thoughts and feelings for intervals of time. I believe anyone can get preoccupied: money concerns, personal illness, grief, loss, conflict in relationships, conflict of any sort... Anything could preoccupy us. Right?

Since when do we decide to give our living moments away to unaccompanied thought?

Everything we experience deserves some time, but nothing is worthy enough to take all of our thoughts and time. Preoccupation is a thief! It not only steals the moment, it robs us of making a memorable past. How can we take in any of our blessings if we walk around with a bag over our head?

Here's the remedy for preoccupation: Hand the ball of concerns to Jesus. He will gladly hold all your concerns while you live fully in the moment. When it's time for some concerns to be dealt with, He will hand you what you can resolve. He will wait with you and live with you, and guard all our concerns until the time is right for us to live them fully. What can describe how amazing it is that our God of the Universe will guard our concerns? I know that "Love" is the describing word -- it just doesn't seem big enough.

So if you find yourself struggling with preoccupation, try gargantuan love. :)

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Jolene said...

Good One M! I like the visual of handing the ball to Jesus and when the time is right, He hands you the one to be dealt with.