Thursday, December 4, 2008

I think I want more of THAT

Those that have and those that have not... it's been on my mind. When we go shopping, I think 'We have not so many things!' When I'm home with family I think, 'Wow, I couldn't possibly want anything more!' How does that happen?
Who decides what I want and what I don't want?
Do I know what I need and what I merely want?
Does that make you feel as crazy as it makes me feel?

The mere surplus in our homes and the clutter of our lives- it makes me crazy. To keep up with the speed of technology, one needs to invest hours of learning. To have money for entertainment, one needs to work hours at a job to enjoy a fraction of time with those hours spent.

I imagine the people born in simpler times dreamed of indoor plumbing, electricity, refridgeration, oven cooked food, ... cars, mass transit, planes ! Oh how could we want anything more? Except I think I need a clutch in my 5-speed, our computer needs an overhaul, I'm working overtime for holiday cash, etc...

Here's my relief when I think my head is going to cave in from so much conflict: It's just this way. It is what it is. Why try to do everything all at once? One friend once said to me when I said, 'I don't have enough time... ' (and this changed my life): We All Have The Same 24 Hours.

Oh goodie! What should I do with my 24 hours right now? Right after I blog, I'm going to get a tall glass of water, wash up, and select a fabulous book to settle in with before bed. And tomorrow? A brand-new set of 24 hours!! I think I'll write a list tomorrow, and I think I'll stand outside and imagine we're all standing out from the earth. :)

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