Tuesday, November 4, 2008


I get this feeling, craving really, every single fall: I want a cigarette. I think it's that beauty, the serenity, the ideal campfire mode. I want to take it in. I want to bring something in internally-- that's not sweet.
Soooooo, I bummed a cigarette from a friend. I told her that if she gave me the cigarette, I wouldn't have to buy the whole pack, but I would indeed buy a pack. MMMmmm, I had a smoke. First I (I, me), I get to light it. That's one of my favorite parts. The fire, the spark to the tobacco- making my cigarette start to burn it's leaves. Then you take the first puff. That's awesome. Then I'm smoking - similar to drinking a great cup of coffee. There's nothing like the first sip. After that, there's just more. Then... a buzz. Yep, I got a buzz. I laughed!; felt like I was woozy.
That's only the beginning of a cigarette though. My hands stunk. I washed several times when I got home and they stunk until the next day. gross. My breath turned sour, and I couldn't smell a thing. I was driving home and the view of the autumn splendor was tainted! I couldn't smell the crispness, I started an immediate headache, and I could feel it in my stomach that nicotene was real.Then I got home and tried to eliminate the after-effects. The night was tainted. I needed headache medicine, I drank water, and my hands stunk. Then, early a.m., was the 5 minute fart. I tell you what- smoking one cigarette isn't worth it!!

I like campfires.

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Coffeegirl said...

campfires with marshmellows that have been blackened by the flame..my version of the fall cigarette. Try it.

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