Wednesday, April 29, 2009

You be You, I'll be Me

I believe we all have the need to feel different, unique. We all experience this feeling the same way, however, and the only way we are truly unique is when we realize this and let that feeling go, so the Holy Spirit can use us for God's purposes. We will then be unique because He uses each person as He designed them. When we "try" to be unique, we are then too much of our own thoughts- the same thoughts as all people by nature- and we lose our uniqueness!

Recently I've been reading a book about Heaven. Heaven is real, as Hell is real, and it's amazing to think how the Earth is a planet, we are on this planet, and God knows each and every one of His believers! Anyway, in Heaven, I want to cook, sew, sing like Selah (it might take 1,000 years of voice lessons), and be a loving manager. Oh, and I'd like to be a potter also. The point is: Am I practicing on Earth, daily, what God will want me to do in Heaven? Oh! Write and draw too! ... I am SO GLAD we'll have an eternity, because there are so many things I want to do for my God!
(I wonder if we played Dominoes with Jesus if He'd always win?)

Today is the perfect day to focus on living for Christ. A perfect day, with so many options in the day!, how can I best use this 24 hours?
... I better start with a prayer... ask for focus... and fully live.

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