Wednesday, October 14, 2009

So many options!

Today I saw several options at the store: Crackers are being made with letters on them so you can play Scrabble with your crackers; Hostess Snowballs now come in white, pink, and vibrant blue; Crackers come in an array of flavors similar to packaged cereal now; The cereal isle in the grocery store still displays hundreds of cereal options; the shampoos and hair items are countless... crazy! Options in foods, in clothing, in toys, in electronics, in reading material, in hobbies, in home furnishings and yard furnishings, in vehicles, ... options smattered in front of our eyes all day every day!

I want to take a nap. I need a break. I think when I go to sleep I'll be wearing a sleeping mask... it's really cute. I got the black one with a blue small print on it, satin material, some quilting to the eye mask, and an elastic band. Oh, and the print is only on one side and the other side is black satin and shaped to contour my face. !!!

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Leah said...

You must have been napping for a long time since you haven't blogged for a long time!