Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Motivation, Motivation, Motivation

Yikes, I need some internal motivation! I live with a toss-up between two problems:

First- I have so many things to do that I want to do them all, and finish them all. However, it's impossible to do them all so then I need to chose only a few, and that's too difficult. Then, after I realize it's impossible to do everything that needs to be done, I'm discouraged that I can't do them and I can't seem to get started on the impossible. Sometimes I start something, switch to another, and am discouraged that I'm not finishing my tasks. As confusing as that sounds is as confusing as it feels!

Next- When there isn't any big reason to get projects finished, or even a reason to make something better than mediocre, it's easy to do less just because I can. However, this is a trap! The slower I go, the less I do, the worse my situation becomes because "things in motion stay in motion; things at rest stay at rest". If I were to give into the feelings to do less, that makes my first problem so much worse!

So here I stand at a crossroad. Do I climb the mountain- the mountain that is so high I cannot see the peak? Or do I sit at the base of the mountain and decide to do nothing but look at his mountain? ... What does Jesus want me to do? ... Ah yes, my Jesus.

Jesus comes beside me and shows me my mountain of dreams-- how steep, how lofty, and so time-consuming. He shows me another hill, the hill for today. With consistency I could climb a hill like this every day! With faith I could enjoy the journey daily!

I don't need to sit anymore, my Jesus will go with me. He's a great friend. I can talk to Him and get clear direction as we go. I can relax with Him and enjoy our journey. I can be myself and feel accepted! Why would I want to sit any longer when I can journey ahead with Jesus, who by the way, has offered to carry my burdens besides!

No more indecision of the day! The best motivation is to take the Hill of Today that Jesus shows me and walk with Him. Today is going to be a great day!!

Have you asked Jesus to live in your heart? Is Jesus your faithful friend and daily guide? Just ask Him; He'd love to be there for you! Jesus has all the time in the world to make your day more clear and more peaceful...

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